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Why is parenting more difficult now?

Why is parenting more difficult now? 

Parenting is not easy, and a lot of effort goes into parenting the kids these days. Some parents are overwhelmed, exhausted, and burnt out when it comes to handling the kids. The children are also struggling because they need more time and attention from their parents. The parents are juggling multiple things because of the modern world demands, which makes it difficult for them. The parents and children are both stuck, and nobody is to be blamed in this situation. Here are some reasons why parenting is more difficult now:

Parents are not meant to do this alone:

parenting is more difficult now

There is a saying, ‘It takes a village to raise the child,’ and parents need to accept that they are not meant to do this alone. In the modern setup, they are allowed to ask for help from other people because it is a lot of pressure doing this alone. Parents are allowed to take help from their family members or friends.

Science is powerful and parenting is difficult now:

Science is a powerful thing because there is so much information available for parents now. This kind of information wasn’t available to the past generations. It is important to know that there can be negative impacts on parenting, so the parents need to know the best ways to create good outcomes for the kids. The over information part is not beneficial for the parents because they approach parenting from the ‘head’ vs. ‘heart’ space. Relying overly on science can make parenting more difficult because flexibility and sensitivity are important.

Limited exposure:

Parenting is more difficult now because there is only limited exposure now. There is a lot of experience that people face when they get more exposure to the babies before they could have their own. Now it has become difficult to get the same exposure because of the busy schedule.

Rapidly changing technology:

parenting is more difficult now

Nowadays, the parents are out and about to prepare their children for the world they are unsure about. Things change so rapidly that it is difficult for humans to catch up with them. The technology changes rapidly, which makes the parents sit there with uncertainty.

Schooling system:

The modern school system is a very unique environment for kids nowadays. The children grouped with peers of the same age spend a lot of time with them and are expected to sit with them for a longer time. For some kids out there, it is not possible to do this for extended periods. How the school and academic outcomes are happening makes it difficult for parents to understand. The parents end up prioritizing development at the expense of mental health and child-parent relationships. Understandably, they will try to raise their children in a way that will help them to thrive in the modern world.

Fewer children because parenting is difficult now:

Now parents decide to have fewer children with greater investment. This has started to put more focus on the children, which is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. There are some situations that make this very intense for the kids because they get all the attention and pressure. Parenting is more difficult now because of the pressure that the kids get from their parents.

Connection over distance:

parenting is more difficult now

Technology is helping in creating a connection between the parents and the kids, no matter wherever they are. There is no evidence of how much the children are developing as per the psychological connections with the help of technology. It can be beneficial for both the short and long term.

Work and home as different spheres because parenting is difficult now:

The parents have to juggle between work and home as different roles and different spaces in the world. The juggling of one work from another creates a lot of stress and pressure for both parents and the kids. There is a lot of work which the parents need in this situation.


The reason that parenting is more difficult now is that parents find it difficult to raise their children in modern society because of how they are wired to raise their offspring. It is nobody’s fault because the parents are trying their best in order to give everything that their kids need. The environment keeps changing, and you don’t need to try to get it right, but you need to give more time to it. Have some self-compassion and flexibility because that will make parents easier.

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