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When to introduce straw cups?

When to introduce straw cups? 

If you want them to start using cups, then make sure to make a plan and stick with it so that your kid can learn as quickly as possible. You can start with diving into the learning plan and help your kid learn more efficiently. Here are ways to introduce straw cups to the baby: 

  • Drinking skills: You need to first start with teaching how to drink from a cup. Teach how to open a cup or the straw cup. 
  • The transitioning from bottles to breastfeeds to liquids and solid foods in the cup is also essential. So start with that also. 

It is a skill to drink from the cup so try to take time and patiently help your kid to develop the habit. You need to stay calm, patient, and supportive while your baby is learning the skill.

 introduce straw cups

At what age should a child start drinking from an open cup? 

You can start to teach your child when you introduce solid foods. When they are 6 months old and when they are learning to eat food. Start as soon as the baby is 6 months so that you can teach the baby with the solids. It can be challenging to teach a toddler, but it is easier to help them develop the same habit at an earlier age. Starting the open cup practice can help take off the pressure on the baby to transition the bottles and breastfeeds. 

Which cups should you use for the baby? 

There are two types of cups that you can use for your baby: 

  • Open cup 
  • Straw cup 

It is strongly recommended to use either the open cups or the straw cups when you are teaching the baby to drink. Try to avoid the sippy cups because they do not help the baby develop the skill of drinking from the cup properly. The babies also have to stop using sippy cups after a certain age, so there is no point in making them used to drink from the sippy cups

Open cups vs. straw cups: 

There is good news about choosing between open cups and straw cups because both are the proper cups to start with, and there is nothing that you need to decide to get right. If your baby is 6 months, you can begin by using any of these cups because the main point is to teach them how to drink. It is essential that you avoid the sippy cups because they are of no use, and eventually, the baby has to stop drinking from the cups. Start with a small open cup because that becomes easier for babies to hold, and they can drink as much as they like. If you take the big cups, then they can ruin their clothes by dropping the milk or any liquid on themselves. If you are purchasing the straw cup, then first teach your baby to use a straw so that it becomes easier for them to use that cup. 

How to teach baby to drink from an open cup: 

Step 1: You need to start with putting a little bit of breast milk or formula milk in the cup. Then begin by showing your baby how to bring the open cup to the table. 

Step 2: Smile at your baby so that they can start by bringing the cup near their mouth and taking a small sip. You can also start doing the same thing so that they can see you and do the same thing. 

Step 3: Try to offer your baby the cup or help them hold it properly. Do not let them immediately bring it near their lips and allow them to take their time. They will start taking small sips with time and eventually learn the skill. 

The main idea of teaching your child to drink from the open cup is to make them actively engaged with eating and drinking instead of hand feeding them. You can also help them learn the skills by showing them to them. Kids tend to copy what elders around them are doing, so it becomes easier to teach them how to hold a cup too. Make sure you are coordinating with your baby and have patience. It is essential to be patient with your baby because they will take their time to learn the skill. If your kid accidentally spills the liquid, make sure you are not shouting at them but teach them how to do it properly. You can follow this process to introduce straw cups to your baby.

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