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Top 5 Puberty Tips for the Clueless Mom
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Top 5 Puberty Tips for the Clueless Mom 

When children are preschoolers and toddlers, they usually ask more questions about their bodies. It is pretty normal, and as a mother, you should always be comfortable providing them with the correct answers. Nowadays, the kids are also familiar with some ideas regarding puberty, as they are already exposed to so much information on the internet and TV. 

However, the main thing about the age of puberty is that your children will need you the most at that time. So, you must make sure that you’re open to talking with your children about the hormonal changes and feelings associated with puberty. You could probably feel awkward while discussing these things, but your child would be relieved to have you for the communication. 

Hence, we have listed here some puberty tips for the clueless mom, that you might consider.

The Timing With Boys And Girls

It is crucial for you as a mother to inform your daughter about menstruation to handle it and not get frightened during the situation. Usually, girls get their period at the age of 12 or 13. There are also some cases when girls get their period from age nine or late as age 16. 

However, in the case of boys, puberty generally hits at the age of 10 or 11, which also states that boys even develop their first ejaculation at a younger age and may begin to develop sexually.

Tips That You Must Follow

  • Be Supportive

Puberty Tips for the Clueless Mom

Since the children would be going through various body changes, they could easily feel alone and insecure. You must talk with them and reassure them that things will be fine and they’ll be better.

  • Be Available To Them

Regular mood swings, growth spurts, and acne are normal. So, even if; they’re not in a good mood, you could spend some time with them or give them their favorite food to lighten their mood.

  • Warn Them About Sexism

It could be a lot more helpful for your daughter to be informed in advance about sexism. It is because no one should experience it without having the proper knowledge about it. Also, they might think; as if they’ve done something wrong. 

So, you must show some love and support to your daughter and inform her about every single thing related to sexism.

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  • Answer Your Child’s Questions

Your daughter and son may have many questions about puberty, and if they ask you about them, you should never overreact and be gentle with your children. Give them all the answers that they need and also initiate a two-way conversation.

  • Be Positive

Puberty Tips for the Clueless Mom

Always remember that an informed child is always a prepared child. Before making any negative thoughts in your mind, believe that; you are only educating your child about the essential things and that it would be best for them to learn from their mother.

The Bottom Line

As a mother, you won’t like it if your children learn the wrong information from their friends regarding puberty. So, you should never hesitate to talk and be always available to communicate and provide support to your child.

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