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10 Tips For Surviving A Road Trip With Your Dog

10 Tips For Surviving A Road Trip With Your Dog 

As the climate becomes pleasant and beautiful, you might be willing to go on a road trip with your dog. Hanging out with your pets is pretty awesome and can be an excellent experience for both of you. However, a long road trip with Dogs can be a little challenging for you, as they can sometimes behave restlessly in the car.

For this, you should be prepared in advance with a dog road trip planner to keep things organized, ensuring the dogs’ good health. We have rounded up some practical Tips to bring dogs on road trips while making it a little easier and more adventurous for you.

Let’s have a look at these tips.

  • Place A Proper Safety Gear

Road Trip with Dogs

While planning for a road trip with your dog, you need to take proper care of your dog’s safety. If your dog is loose in the car, then there could be a significant distraction for you. So, you must place a carrier in the backseat which connects to a seatbelt and retrain the dog in it. 

Also, ensure that the carrier you’ve put is big enough that your dog can lie down comfortably, stand up or turn around whenever he wants.

  • Provide Water And Food

Even if you’re on a road trip, you should never forget about your dog’s meals. Pets could be hungry at any moment, and within specific intervals, you must provide them with enough water and food. My suggestion for your dog’s food would be to give more vitamins, supplements, and organs for a consistent road trip.

Also, make sure to use sanitizers and Lysol to avoid germs.

  • Keep Your Dog Entertained

To make this your best ride, ensure that your dog is engaged and you always keep him entertained. It is necessary because; if the dog gets bored, it might chew the car belts or even jump in the car. So, you could even give them a chew toy to keep them busy and pass their time well.

  • Carry a Dog First Aid Kit

You never know what are you running into. So, it would be better for you to be prepared with a pet first aid kit that includes; antibiotic ointment, saline eye solution, scissors, adhesive tape, alcohol wipes, absorbent gauze pads, and some extra supplies, medicine, etc.

  • Time Bathroom Breaks

Road Trip with Dogs

Every dog needs a bathroom break after every hour. While on a road trip, there may be chances that your dog may become dehydrated and for which he may also drink up more water. Also, notice your dog regularly, and if he is constantly whining, panting excessively, or giving the signs of pacing, then consider them the indication to go for a roadside bush.

The Bottom Line

Prior to hitting the road, you should always be prepared for your road trip. Ensure that you pack all the necessary things that the dog would need. This would be a lot more helpful in making your trip with your furry friend more exciting and memorable.

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