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The Right Color To Wear According To The Skin Tone

The Right Color To Wear According To The Skin Tone 

Skin color can be a cruel thing to take care of when choosing the colors of outfits. There might be colors that will suit you the most, and then there might be colors that won’t go along with your skin tone at all. It is imperative to choose the shades that will go along with complexion in the best way possible. If you have time, then study your skin tone and then choose the shades for your outfits because it will make you choose the right color to wear, which will also look stunning on your skin tone. Try to have a look and see if your skin is pale/fair, medium/olive, or dark, and then choose the colors:

Fair/Pale skin:

right color to wear Are you one of those who have fair and pale skin with some freckles and constantly find
yourself finding shades out in the sun than here are the colors you can choose to wear:

Colors to wear:

If you have fair skin, then the colors of hues will go perfectly with your skin tone and bring out more from your complexion. You can wear dark colors with a combination of light colors. The colors like red, bottle green, brown, grey, and all the bolder shades will contrast well with your skin tone.

Colors to avoid:

right color to wear Lighting makes a very big difference when it comes to skin shades and colors so if you have fair skin, then you need to avoid wearing pastel shades as it won’t go well with the skin tone. The pastel and lighter shades will make your skin feel dull, and it doesn’t go well, so instead of choosing the light shades, you can go for richer shades like sand, slate grey, khaki, and so on. It doesn’t mean you cannot wear the other shades, but you just need to blend the dark shades with the lighter ones well so that they go just perfectly with your skin. Red can go great with the skin if worn with the right shades.

Olive/Medium skin:

If you have a medium skin tone, which just tans in the sun rather than making your skin look toasted, it will be best suited with a wider spectrum of colors than the fair skin tone ones.

Colors to wear:

right color to wear Usually, almost all the shades go well with the medium skin tone, but you still need to make sure that you are choosing the best looking shades for your skin tone. You have to choose the shades which will be neutral for your skin tone like instead of warm sand, you need to choose pale beige as it will contrast with your skin. The bolder shades will go best with the skin tone like choose purple instead of going for the mauve shade. You can always wear a little lighter jeans or carry a dark jacket to complete the outfit. It is easy to understand the blend and the right colors to wear.

Colors to avoid:

Since the skin tone you have will be more towards a little yellow so you will have to avoid the shades which look just like your skin tone. For the medium and olive skin tone people, it is important not to wear the colors that will blend with the skin. If you want to wear pastel shades, your skin should be tanned enough so that the colors contrast well with the skin and look different.

Darker skin:

right color to wear It is easy to choose the colors for people who have a little dark skin tone just like the medium skin tone as almost all the colors go well with their skin tone. Here are the right colors to wear:

Colors to wear:

There is a vast majority of colors that will go best with your skin tone. You can choose any shade as it won’t make you look washed out and will still contrast well with your skin tone, which is an essential factor to consider. You can wear bright and bold colors but balancing the outfit is a significant thing that you need to take care of. It would help if you mixed to match the colors that will hold each other together in the best way possible.

Colors to avoid:

right color to wear There are not many shades to avoid, but it is better if you avoid brown colors like the pale skin tone people should avoid pastel shades. Though there shouldn’t be any description of which color you should wear and which you shouldn’t base on your skin as style is about self-expression.

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