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The not-so-simple guide to keeping someone happy

The not-so-simple guide to keeping someone happy 

Happiness is the emotion that everyone wants to feel and have. The world becomes a better place when everyone is smiling and happy around us. There are so many ways you can make another person happy, and it doesn’t always have to be big gestures. There is satisfaction in feeling happiness amid the misery. It is the best emotion a human can feel, and there are so many ways to make another person feel that happiness. Here are some simple ways to keeping someone happy

  • Smile is the best way in keeping someone happy

The best way to always put a smile on someone’s face is by smiling at yourself at all times. When you are happy, then you make everyone around you feel the same happiness. It is all about the vibes; sometimes, as what you give out, you get back. So if you give out happiness and smiles to other people, then in return, you will see them smiling. It is very important to keep smiling no matter what because this is one emotion that can make you strong. 

  • Give out compliments: 

Keeping someone happy can be very easy sometimes, as your one compliment can put a smile on their face for a long time. If you like something about the other person, don’t hold back and appreciate them because that will definitely make them feel happy and satisfied about themselves. Saying positive things is always a good thing and always remember to do that. 

  • Greet the strangers: 

Keeping Someone Happy

Always make it a habit to greet strangers because that can make them feel good about their existence. A small gesture can sometimes make someone’s day, and your one ‘Hello’ can make the strangers feel good about themselves. Try doing this while you are out sometime. 

  • Call friends and family without any reason: 

Another way of keeping someone happy is calling them without having any reason. You can contact a friend or a family member to talk about life instead of calling them for work. They will feel good about the random phone call you give them because that will bring happiness. Just checking up on someone can also lift their mood and make them feel happy about having you in their life. Always remember to check on your friends and family without any reason. 

  • Send a thoughtful message: 

There are days when people feel low about things around them but imagine the smile they can get on their face after one thoughtful message. Sending thoughtful messages is a new language of love, and it can make the other person feel immense happiness about their life. 

  • Donate: 

Keeping Someone Happy

You have no clue about the amount of happiness you give to other people when you are donating for a good cause. You can do that according to you by giving away the things you do not need in your life to someone else who can find good use out of it. It makes other people happy by getting things that they want in their life. Always be giving to others. 

  • Plan something special for someone: 

You can always plan a good day ahead for your friends and family on any occasion because that will put a big smile on their faces. It is imperative to consider other people’s emotions when it comes to big days in their life, and you can contribute by either throwing a small party or showing some good gesture to them. 

  • Do some chores: 

You can do some chores around the house because that will keep someone happy around you by seeing their workload getting less. It is always good to put the helping hand out there for someone who needs some help. 

  • Always make people laugh: 

No matter what, make it a point to make people around you laugh at your silly jokes or any stand-up comedy that you can put up for them. Laughter makes everything around you better, and it always feels good to be the reason behind someone’s happiness. So always put on the party hat and make people laugh around you. 

  • Be a good listener: 

Sometimes you can touch someone’s heart by doing small things for them, like being a good listener. There are times when people do not feel like getting any advice or getting interrupted while they’re talking because they want to be heard. Be that support for them and listen to their problems or the things they want to talk about by not interrupting because it can put a big smile on their face. 



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