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Symphysis pubis dysfunction exercises
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Symphysis pubis dysfunction exercises 

Pregnancy changes many things in the body and can affect many parts of the body. The most common part that is affected is the pelvis. It is the only part that changes shape in the pregnancy. As you keep going through different phases in your pregnancy, there are various shapes that the pelvis changes. Sometimes the pelvis joints become stiff and don’t move at all, which can cause severe pelvic pain. The condition is known as symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), pregnancy-related pelvic pain. Here is everything you need to know about symphysis pubis dysfunction exercises:

Exercises that will help symphysis pubis dysfunction:

symphysis pubis dysfunction

The symphysis pubis dysfunction doesn’t make any difference or affects the pregnancy, but it can make everyday tasks and functions difficult because of the pain. There are various exercises that you can do to relieve the pain and strengthen the abdominal muscles, which will further support the pelvis. You will feel less pain, and it will also help you move around easily. Here are some symphysis pubis dysfunction exercises:

Pelvic floor squeezes:

It is essential to work the muscles on the inside of your pelvis to support the pelvic bones and all the internal organs. Not just that, but it will also help support your baby. You need to start with identifying the pelvic muscle in your body, then imagine the feeling that you get while holding your urine. The muscles you are squeezing during the process are the pelvic floor muscles. After this, sit down in a comfortable position on a firm chair and then squeeze your pelvic floor muscles in and up. Hold it for 10 seconds each time and then release it. You can repeat this exercise 10 times and pulse your pelvic up and in as hard as possible. Do it three-four times a day and immediately release the muscles.

Stability exercises symphysis pubis dysfunction:

Understand that the abdominal muscles are essential when you want to stabilize your pelvis. It will help you in strengthening the muscles, which will further help your pelvis. Find a position where you can keep your back straight and then place one hand on your stomach, which is just above your pelvis. Then breathe through the nose and exhale slowly while squeezing your stomach towards your spine. Hold this for as long as you count. You can repeat this exercise ten times every day.

Inner thigh stretches:

symphysis pubis dysfunction

Stretching your thighs apart can help in releasing the pressure, which also helps in delivery. You need to sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Then walk your feet as apart as possible and keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Place your hand on the inner thigh and press your knees further, and slowly you will feel a comfortable stretch. Hold the position for around 30 seconds and repeat this three times every day.

Pelvic tilts:

Pelvic tilts are one of the symphysis pubis dysfunction exercises that helps in loosening up the tight muscles in your back to relieve the pain in your pelvis. Sit on the edge of a hard chair and then tilt your pelvis backward so that you can feel that you are slumping forward. Now tilt your pelvis forward and arch your lower back slowly. Repeat this again and again and do it four times every day.

Back stretches:

Back stretches can help the pelvic joints and relieve the pain from the pressure that is there on the pelvis. Lean forward on the table to have your back parallel to the floor and then put all your weight on your forearms and elbows. Then slowly lean backward so that you feel the stretch on your back thighs and then hold this position for ten seconds before you return back to the normal position. Swing the hips from side to side a few times.

Side stretches for symphysis pubis dysfunction: 

symphysis pubis dysfunction

It is one of the stretches that can reduce the pressure from either side of your pelvis. You need to sit on the chair with your feet flat on the floor, then lift one arm straight. Now look away from your arm and lean in that direction so that your arm is over your head and feel that stretch on your sides. Make sure to hold this position for ten seconds and then do the same with the opposite arm. Repeat this exercise four times every day.

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