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Parenting your out of control teenager

Parenting your out of control teenager 

There are stages in a kid’s life where they get under some bad influence and start acting out. Parents need to understand what they can do to make things better without setting any distance between them and the kids. There are many dramatic things happening at this stage but what sticks with them is how the parents were around them during that time. They can be stealing, shoplifting, getting high, or making super bad decisions that might affect the rest of their lives but make sure to handle it with patience and wisely. Here are some ways to parenting your out of control teenager:

Stop blaming yourself for the way that your child is behaving:

Parenting your out of control teenager

The first step to parenting your out-of-control teenager is to stop playing the blame game with yourself. It is essential to stop blaming yourself and think about the things you can do in order to save the situation from going worse. It is not about who is at fault in this situation, but it is about who is there and ready to take the necessary responsibilities and actions for the same. You can think about improving some parenting skills rather than blaming yourself for something. There can also be many triggers for the child, so blaming anybody or even yourself won’t help anyone in this situation. It is essential to understand the things that you are willing to do for the betterment of your child now. It would help if you came up to a point where your child will start taking responsibility for how they are behaving.

Do not get sucked in the arguments that are not meant to happen:

There are times when the parents and kids argue about multiple things and never reach a solution. So it is essential to understand the importance of having a conversation at this stage instead of arguing. Do not let your child slam the door in front of you while arguing or even roll eyes. Tell them politely not to do such things and then leave the room. Give them time to understand what they are doing so that they can improve the situation.

Use the pull-ups for parenting your out of control teenager:

Be very specific about what you are instructing your child so that there are no fights that happen later on. If you want them to do some household chores, then be extremely clear with how and what you want them to do. It will also help in giving your child a boost and helping them get on their feet after the bad times. You may end up doing ten pull-ups every night, but it is okay do not to keep any hard feelings in this situation. Make sure after all this, and you do not create a grudge or cut off with your kid. Kids hate to hear, ‘I told you so, and I warned you about this, so try not to make them feel this way. Blaming or making such statements can never help in improving the relationship with your kids.

Do not personalize your child’s behavior:

If you are getting angry about anything that your child is doing, then you are personalizing his behavior which is also giving him more power over you, and it will do no good. Parenting your out-of-control teenager is not easy because various emotions are coming out all at once, which is why it is essential to understand your emotions too. If you start taking your child’s behavior as a personal attack on you or your values, then you might end up overreacting in a situation that doesn’t need that. You do not need to complain all the time whenever your child is speaking about something. Understand that the kid is not trying to strike out at you; teenagers tend to strike out at everyone at that age. They feel like the world is against them for all the choices that they are making, and they react, but with time they understand things.

So slow down with them and do not take every action personally on yourself because that won’t help anybody. Teenage is the phase where everybody is self-involved, and they do not like a lot of instructions, so understand that and give your kid the time to see things clearly. If your kid starts coming home late, then do not take it personally; rather, have a polite conversation with them. Make them understand your point calmly instead of yelling or shouting. Let your kid know the rules and make it clear that they will be held accountable for what they do. The only time that you should come out strongly is when a child is getting physically or verbally abused.

Run the house based on the belief system:

Parenting your out of control teenager

Every parent has their own belief system, and running the house on that belief system makes everything easier. It doesn’t matter what the other family is doing because every family is different. So have your own beliefs and follow those instead of seeing what others are doing.  If your kid tends to break all these rules, then they should be held accountable for their behavior, not you. Whenever your kid comes up with statements like they are doing it or everybody is doing it, tell them that you are not everybody’s parents and you are theirs.

So in your family, things work differently and not the way others are doing it. If you think it is not right for your 16-year-old kid to drink beer, then it is not right even if others allow their kids to do the same. If you think that lying or stealing anything is not the right way to live life, then it isn’t. 

Be a role model if you want to do parenting your out of control teenager:

Every teenage kid needs to have a role model in their life, and there is nothing better than having your parents as the role model. They tend to follow the things you do around in the house, so you need to think about your actions. From a very early age, kids grow up seeing what their parents do, and they tend to learn a lot from those actions. So if you are teaching them not to lie and if you are doing the same, then it won’t be good. It is essential to understand the role that you play in your kid’s life and what you are teaching them. If you want them to follow the rules, then you cannot do different things around them, or else they will do the same. It is very easy for kids to come up with statements like you did that, too, so make sure that you aren’t doing things like that. Be the role model for them and not someone who is just restricting them.

Try not to overreact to everything:

Parenting your out of control teenager

Parenting your out-of-control teenager can be hard sometimes, and as parents, it gets on your nerves, and you tend to overreact, but that won’t help the situation either. As teenagers, they will end up overeating every small thing without considering the people around them. But the vital part as parents here is to make sure that you aren’t doing the same. If you overeat and do not consider their feelings, then it might end up in a big fight that you wouldn’t want in the first place. The idea is to teach them, not punish them all the time. So try to teach them accountability, responsibility, and other things instead of overreacting about everything that they are doing.

Try to sit down and relax sometimes. Understand if your kid is doing something, then what can you do to change that. Try to have conversations that will save them from doing the same things again and again. If your kid falls in the test, then instead of yelling at them, try to understand why it happened and make changes around so that it doesn’t happen again. Blaming is useless, and they won’t understand anything if you keep blaming them. You need to take different actions and do different things around the kids in order to teach them and help them in moving forward.

Do not tolerate any abuse or illegal behavior for parenting your out of control teenager:

If your kid is doing something illegal or is getting physically abusive, then you need to hold him accountable, even if it means going to the extremes to do that. If you do not take strict actions in such situations, then they will end up doing it more instead of stopping. So it would help if you involved someone like the police in this situation to take hold of the situation. You have to either talk to them and tell them that this is not how it works or else take strict actions to control their behavior.

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