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Parenting with autism

Parenting with autism 

Parents spend a lot of time thinking about what is right or wrong for their child’s future. Their worry increases in situations where the child has autism spectrum disorder because that can make things challenging. Parenting with autism is not easy because there are so many medical care points and therapies that you have to stay in touch with to make everyday things easy. Here are some things that you can keep in mind when you are parenting with autism:

Focus on positive:

Parenting with autism

Like any other kid, even kids with autism can respond well to the positivity around them. It means that as parents, you need to praise them for what they are doing well in life and make them feel good about themselves. With the positive remarks, the kids will feel that they are capable of doing certain things in life. Be specific about what you say to them so that they know what you like about their behavior. You can also reward them with small prizes so that they feel good about it. As a parent, you need to be more compassionate and loving towards the kid and make them feel safe around you.

Stay consistent and on schedule:

Kids who have a spectrum have a routine, and they like to follow the routine. They can panic if things are done according to their routine, so make sure that you are staying consistent and on schedule with them. If you are consistent with them, then they will be able to learn more and practice what they are grasping from the therapy. This will also help them in applying the skills in real-life situations. Try to set new interactions methods at therapy so that you can bring what they are learning at home.

Put play on the schedule:

It is good for the kids to play more and do fun activities with the parents because that will help your child to open up and connect with you. Try to involve them in new things which will make them feel good.

Give it time when parenting with autism:

Parenting with autism

There are a lot of different techniques and treatments that you will be trying for your child, so you have to give it time. Try to stay positive at all times and do not get discouraged in the journey. If they do not respond well, then try to have patience. Time is the whole essence when it comes to helping kids with autism.

Take your child for everyday activities:

If you think that your child’s behavior is getting unpredictable, then you can take them along with you for everyday activities. It will help them in learning more about certain situations in life. You can take them to the post office, grocery shopping, or any other shop. It will also help in making them become used to the world around them.

Get support when parenting with autism:

Support is always a good thing, be it from other families, professionals, or friends. It will help in understanding the different situations that the child might go through, and handling the situations will become easier. Support groups in such situations can be a big help, and you can also get really good advice from such gatherings. When you meet other parents who are dealing with the same challenges as yours, then you will understand a lot of things, and it will be helpful also. It will make your life easier, so do not shy away from asking for help.

Look into respite care:

It is the situation where another caregiver will look after your child, be it inside or outside the house. It will also help in taking a short break and will also help the kid. Usually, this situation arises when the child has intense needs because of ASD. It will also help you in taking a break and coming home fresh to be around the family.

Take care of yourself:

While you are taking care of your child, do not forget to take care of yourself too. Sometimes you would want to slow down and take care of your own health first, which is fine. Take a break whenever it’s needed.

Cut the stress:

Parenting with autism is more stressful than other situations. You might face a lot of stress and breakdowns as parents, but make sure you find time to feel better. Give yourself that break. Here are some ways to avoid stress or deal with it in a proper way:

  1. Pinpoint the real cause of your stress: Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, try to break down the major issues into easier bits because that will make you feel better.
  2. Meditation: Meditation is a good way of paying attention to your feelings and taking care of yourself.
  3. Exercise: You can exercise anywhere you want to, which will also help you in staying around your kid. If you want to meet some people specifically, then you can join the exercise class to recharge your batteries.
  4. Get some sleep: Do not forget to take proper sleep during this process because that will help your body is winding down and get some rest.

Get balance in your life when parenting with autism:

Parenting with autism

It is good to take care of someone all the time, but it is also important to have a balance in your life. Make sure that the whole family is getting the benefit from it. So book a day or two in a week for fun family time. You can also do these things to balance the busy days:

  1. Meet your friends: Yes, you are parenting with autism but remember that you are also human. So try to connect with your friends from time to time.
  2. Take up old hobbies: Try to get on with the things that you love doing and do it.
  3. Take five every day: Take a few minutes throughout the day for your own happiness, and you can have a long, warm shower or jot down some journal notes.
  4. Make it quick: If your parents can take over the parenting duties for a bit, then take some time out for yourself.

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