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How to dress for your height?

How to dress for your height? 

Every person wishes to look tall and dress like that. It is a fact that your outfit changes a lot about your appearance and that’s why if you change that then you can bring a huge difference. Your height makes a big difference, and it is essential to understand the importance of wearing outfits according to your height so that it will look good on you and also go well with the occasions. Here are a few tips which will help you dress according to height:

Tips to look taller:

There are different ways that a tall person tends to dress and the most important thing to remember is eliminating distractions between the toe and top with the help of slit pockets, and many more other things.

Here are the things that you can do to dress according to your height:


Some people like baggy clothes, and some people like fit clothes, but when it comes to dressing according to your height, it is important to understand the importance of wearing fit clothes because it will define your height and body. You have to choose the outfits and clothes that will help you in defining the posture of your body and make it look good. The high rise and low rise will both look different on a tall person, so it is essential to understand and wear jeans that won’t make your legs look too stumpy.

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Go monochrome:

If you wear the same shape of the t-shirt or shirt and pants then will make you look taller. Have you ever noticed someone wearing a monochrome coloured suit will comparatively look taller than others? You can change your wardrobe in a way that you have monochrome clothes to wear.

Straight up stripes:

Vertical stripes are a very decent way to dress because they can make you look like a true gentleman. It is important to understand the fitness here as you have to wear stripes which will fit you because if it’s going to be loose then you will look like a walking barcode and if it’s too tight then it won’t go well with the pants. So try to look for the perfect fit if you are going for the stripes.

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Eyes up:

There should always be something interesting on your outfit which will keep the eyes mostly upwards and attached to the outfit. You can accessorize your outfits with lapel pins, pocket squares, hats and much more. If you are wearing separates, then you can go for wearing darker shades as pants as it will make you look taller.

Tips to look shorter:

Everyone thinks that it’s a fun world out there only for the tall guys, but it is not true. There are plenty of things that a short guy can pull off much better than the taller ones.

Here are some tips for dressing according to your height:

Breaking it up:

There are plenty of ways to dress according to your heights, but if you want to look shorter, then you have to break up your outfit. You can get in the details like patch or flap pockets, turn-ups and much more. The way you will be able to fill in the vast expanse between the top and toe, the better opportunity you will have in looking short.

Contrast your separates:

It doesn’t look good if a short guy wears the same colour from top to toe, so it is important to wear two different colours so that it breaks the contrast and makes you look better. You can wear dark colours on the top to look better paired with light shade trousers or pants. Belts can play a significant role as they will cut through the outfit and highlight both the colours separately.

Punch with the pattern:

Any pattern like stripes, checks will look good on short people. It just has to be a nice fitting with the perfect pair of pants, and they are ready to go. You have to figure out the best stripe shirts that can go along with your body type and dress according to the height, which will make you look good.

There are plenty of ways to select outfits and dress according to the height, and it all depends on the colours and accessories that you will use to highlight the dress. Your height and outfit will make a big difference.

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