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Four types of parenting styles and their effects

Four types of parenting styles and their effects 

The parenting style plays a significant role in how your kid behaves and feels about himself or herself. It is essential to make sure that the parenting style is supportive and helps in the mental and physical growth of the kids. The way you interact with the kid and discipline the kids to play a significant role and influence in his or her life. There are four types of parenting styles which are as follows: 

  • Authoritarian 
  • Authoritative 
  • Permissive 
  • Uninvolved 

1. Authoritarian parenting: 

Parenting styles

Do you think you can relate to these statements? 

  • The kids should not be seen or heard 
  • When it comes to rules, it has to be your way or highway 
  • You don’t take the kids feelings into consideration

If any of these statements are true for you, then you might be an authoritarian parent. These parents believe that the kids should follow the rules without any exceptions. They don’t let the kids get involved in any kind of challenges or problem-solving. They just prefer making rules and enforcing those rules on their kids without taking their opinions. As authoritarian parents are strict, the kids tend to become good liars to avoid punishments. They never try to negotiate and focus on obedience.  

2. Authoritative parenting: 

  • You put the effort into creating a positive relationship with the kids 
  • You explain the reasons behind your rules 
  • You enforce rules but also consider your kid’s feelings. 

If these statements sound similar to you, then you may be an authoritative parent. The authoritative parents tend to put rules, but they also talk to their kids about it before doing it. They make sure to validate their kid’s feelings and then reinforce any kind of rules. The kids who are raised with authoritative discipline tend to grow up in a much happier and successful manner. They also tend to make good decisions and evaluate the decisions that they take. 

3. Permissive parenting: 

Parenting styles

  • You set rules but hardly enforce them 
  • You think your child with learn the best without any interference 
  • You don’t give out any consequences

If these statements sound familiar, then you are a permissive parent. Permissive parents follow lenient parenting styles with their kids, which might be a problem sometimes. The kids do not learn discipline in this situation, and they feel that they will be able to get out of any situation. The parents do put a lot of effort into becoming friends with their kids and encourage them to talk about their problems, but they do not put effort into discouraging their bad behavior. 

4. Uninvolved parents: 

  • Not asking to do the school homework 
  • Not knowing about where the child is and who the child is with 
  • Do not spend enough time with the kids 

If these statements are relatable, then you are an uninvolved parent who barely knows about the whereabouts of the child. These parents have a few rules that they make the kids follow, but they do not give a lot of information or guidance to them. 

Sometimes the parents do not just fit in one category, but it is essential to figure this out sooner so that the kids can get enough attention and help at the early stages.

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