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Easy quarantine crafts to do at home
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Easy quarantine crafts to do at home 

Tired of being stuck at home without anything interesting to do? Then try out these art and craft ideas. You need the essential supplies to make anything fun, and then you can decorate them around the house. All these craft ideas are low-stress and super simple projects to make, which you will enjoy making too. Here are easy quarantine crafts to do at home:

Cupcake wrapper wreath for quarantine crafts:

quarantine crafts

To make this wreath, all you need are some colorful cupcake liners or one type of cupcake liner. You need to flatten the cupcake liners and layer them on top of each other to create a flower. Make sure to glue them as you are moving forward. You can hang this beautiful-looking wreath during the festive season.

Clothespin wreath:

To make the clothespin wreath, you need the painted wood clothespin. You can take the pastel colors if you want to style a wreath for the spring season or choose colors according to your choice. Make a wire circle with as many lines as you want, and then clip the clothespin in a wreath form. You do not need to glue the pins. You can also decorate some quotes or pretty letters in between.

Cardboard art for quarantine crafts:

It is one of the easiest and simplest craft ideas that you can do at home. You need cardboard and paints for this art. You can color the cardboard in different colors and then cut the pieces and decorate it around the base. You can make any pattern that you want using cardboard and other colors.

Wine cork vase:

quarantine crafts

You can use the wine cork in the best way possible instead of throwing them away. Collect as many corks as possible and then put them together to make a beautiful vase out of it. You can decorate it with pretty flowers and fruits.

Ribbon vase:

You can make a pretty vase out of your boxes at home. Take a container and wrap a pretty-looking ribbon around it until everything is covered. Then you can decorate the box with flowers and place it on the table.

Embroidered baskets:

Another one of the easy quarantine craft ideas is making embroidered baskets. You can take the woven baskets and get creative with your yarn at home. You can give some pretty patterns to the dull-looking baskets or make them look suitable for decoration.

Paper loop wreath for quarantine crafts:

quarantine crafts

It is one of the most straightforward quarantine craft ideas to make at home. You need some shiny and lovely colored paper sheets for this project. Cut the sheets into thin straws and then make a loop out of them. Then you stick those on top of each other to make it look like a wreath. You can color coordinate it or make it according to your wish.

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