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Dangerous toys that got banned

Dangerous toys that got banned 

It is all fun and exciting to play with toys until someone starts getting hurt or loses something because of that. Various toys are not safe for children, and they got banned for the same reason. There are new types of toys that launch every now and then, which is why it is essential only to get the ones that are kids-friendly. Here are some dangerous toys that got banned: Dangerous toys that got banned

  • Sky dancers: 

It was an affordable Barbie scamble that used to fly like a helicopter ballerina doll. The kids used to pull the thread, and it used to fly, which was dangerous because there was no guarantee where the doll would land. It could hurt the eyes, hands, or even the head because of the fall. 

  • Snacktime kid cabbage patch doll: 

Cabbage dolls became very famous for a while, but they became a dangerous toy for the kids because the toy used to eat anything that was kept near their mouths. It became unhealthy, dangerous, and unsafe for the kids because there were chances of the doll biting the kid’s finger. 

  • Lawn darts:

Darts are never a good idea and especially for the kids. If they throw it here and there, then it can hurt people around them, and it can also hurt the kids. The darts have a sharp needle which can hurt the skin and also cause other issues. 

  • Belt buckle gun: 

It was one of the dangerous toys that got banned for the kids. It is terrible to give it to the kid because they can hurt the sensitive areas by pulling the trigger. The air humping out with the shot can also cause pain and hurt the kids. 

  • Gilbert Kaster Kit Jr.: 

The kit had all the science-related things, and the kids could make toxic lava which was harmful. The things that they could make using this kit could hurt the kids and also burn them. The burn could be on a higher level or lower, which is why the game had to be banned for kids’ safety. 

  • Aqua dots: 

In this game, the kids had to arrange the tiny beads using water and then make a design that they liked. Later it was found that the content used to coat the materials that are present in the game is not healthy for the kids and can cause severe issues like coma if they swallow the pieces. 

  • Buckyballs: 

Buckyballs are another dangerous toys that got banned for the kids. It is another example of how the magnets went all wrong. The magnets were very small, and more than 1,700 children visited the ER because they swallowed the small balls and the issues caused them to visit the doctor immediately. 

  • Clackers: 

The knocking sound made at home is annoying enough, but there was a toy called clackers made which was later banned. The balls would hit the hand and possibly crack the bones or damage the face, which is not safe for the kids. It had to be banned for safety reasons. 

  • Easy bake oven: 

A new game was launched for the kids, which was the easy bake oven, but later, kids started burning their fingers, and it started becoming dangerous for them. The electric heating element which was there in the game was not safe for the kids, and they couldn’t manage to play properly with it without hurting themselves. 

  • Fidget spinners: 

Fidget spinners became quite famous, but the elastic fixings that were there in the three holes were hazardous for the kids. They could swallow it, or it could cause issues for the kids, which is why they were banned. 

  • Magnetix: 

There was a famous building set called Magnetix, which was a nightmare for all the parents in the year 2007. Many kids suffered injuries, and one of the children died because of swallowing the magnets. Plastic pieces were falling out of this toy, which is why they had to redesign the toy for the kids’ safety. 

  • Toy crossbows: 

It was one of the most dangerous games for the kids because it could poke and hurt people. The crossbow was used with tiny toothpicks, which can pierce and hurt the kids. Later the modified version came out, but the miniature crossbow had to be banned for safety reasons. 

  • Slingshots: 

There are better things that the kids can play with without hurting themselves. There have been many incidents where the kids got hurt using the slingshots and caused severe injuries, so the game had to be banned for safety reasons.

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