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Best pop design for living room

Best pop design for living room 

The living room is the most creative area in the house, and there are amazing things that you can design for the living area. There is nothing like having a relaxing yet luxurious living room in your house.

Best pop design for living room

You can display different paintings or put out the textures to display your personality in the room. There are different types of ceiling, textures and wall designs that you can go for. Here are some pop designs for the living room area: 

  • Jazz it up with layers and lighting: 

The pop ceiling is trending back and raging in the year 2021. Various designers suggest people go for the pop ceilings because it gives a unique and stunning look to the room. If you have a smaller living room, then make sure to go with a single layer or else it will make the room look too full. With the pop design ceiling, the living room looks airy and spacious. You can use multiple pop layers for the living room as it will give a minimalistic look to the space. 

  • Symmetric masterpiece: 

The symmetric masterpiece looks elegant and stylish in the living room. You can go with any colour you want but make sure that it looks subtle. You can also raise the panel to put the right lighting in the room. Choose the right shades which will go with the paint and other interiors in the room. 

  • Recessed pop ceiling: 

Another amazing pop design for the living room is the recessed pop ceiling. It is one of the most striking designs, which gives a sophisticated look and makes the room look amazing. You can hang the right kinds of light in the room like pendant lights, cove lights, chandeliers and inverted pendant lights. 

  • Suspended island: 

It is another amazing living room pop design that will look amazing for the living room. You can add the suspended living island look in the centre, which will boost the aesthetics of your living room. Make sure that you give the right kind of paint in the room with amazing lighting. 


There are some things like colours, textures and lights that you need to take care of when designing or thinking of a design for the living room. The pop ceiling looks amazing in the living room and gives a decent look. So you can go for this look and make your living room look as personalised as possible.

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