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Best parenting magazines in India

Best parenting magazines in India 

Parenthood can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. There are lots of ups and downs that parents have to go through to raise their kids in the best manner. There are grandparents and doctors to give parenting tips, but things are changing now, and new parents are choosing the magazines for advice. Parents are trying to skip the doctor consultation if not needed to save money and rely on better advice. Here are the top parenting magazines that you can depend on in India: 


Parenting magazines

Junior is another popular parenting magazine that Media Star markets, and it has all the informative features about new-age parenting. You can get expert advice on the child’s health, education, and development. The magazine has advice for kids who grow up to eight years of age. The magazine also helps in providing information about the travel suggestions and interiors which are child friendly. The main motive of the magazine is to strengthen the parent-child bond in amazing ways. 

Child, Parenting magazines: 

The Child is a parenting magazine that is published by Exposure Media Marketing that is a part of Burda International. It is a monthly magazine which is the Indian edition of parents and the ones who need advice on parenting. The magazine makes sure to cover all the parts and matters related to parenting, from pre-birth to every stage of childhood up to seven years. It is a good resource for both first-time and second-time parents in India. 

Mother & Baby as Parenting magazines: 

Mother & Baby is another bi-monthly magazine that is published by Nextgen Publishing and helps in providing interesting, positive, and informative articles along with amazing pictures. The magazine is designed and curated in such a way that it not only celebrates motherhood but also helps in the upbringing of the child. The magazine provides amazing information about baby products and the new things that parents can buy for their kids. It also helps in giving personal insights from other mothers and their experiences. The magazine is the hub to all the updates that are happening in the baby world. The magazine has been going on successfully for the last 56 years, and it is a one-stop consultant for all the information that is related to birth, pregnancy, and child care.

Parent Edge: 

Parent Edge is a bi-monthly parenting magazine which is published by Prayag Consulting. The magazine is about Indian parents who care about the intellectual enrichment of their children besides education. It is a good magazine for the parents who want to get advice about the school-going children who are aged around three to eighteen. 

Parents India: 

Parenting magazines

Parents India is a monthly magazine which is published by Maxposure Media Group, and it aims to help new-age moms. The magazine revolves around giving out information to the new age mothers about everything from the pregnancy till the baby is born. There are articles about various roles that a woman plays, like a mother, daughter-in-law, wife, friend, or career-oriented person. The magazine also runs a community section that helps the parents interact with each other. There are various columns in the magazines like health scan, events, glossary, pregnancy, toddlers, and healthcare issues. The parents can interact with other parents on the basis of these topics and get to know a lot about the same topics. 

Responsible Parenting in magazines: 

Responsible Parenting is a magazine published by Silverline Enterprises which aims to give reliable parenting tips to new-age parents. It also helps them in guiding their kids with positive behavior. The parents can help their kids with a lot of things through this magazine. The magazine not only helps in developing positive behavior in the kid but also helps in developing multi-tasking skills. The magazine also helps in fostering information exchange, networking, strengthening the knowledge, confidence levels, and support to the parents. Not only is it a huge help to the parents, but it also helps in giving the kids confidence levels and effective communication skills. 

Parent Circle: 

Parent Circle is a magazine that helps in bringing the community of parents, experts, and educators together in an exchange of knowledge, experience on parenting. The magazine was published by Shri Harini Media, and it comes in both web and print forms. The magazine helps in addressing the emotional, physical, social, and intellectual needs of the child. The Parent Circle helps in making the parents feel confident about the decisions that they make for the kids and the families. 

Firstcity Publications: 

It is a magazine which has been out for the last 22 years and sells on a monthly basis. The magazine is the largest selling and most trusted magazine for baby, pregnancy, and child care-related topics. 

Parent & Child: 

Parenting magazines

Parent & Child is a venture by Euro Kids International which is published on a bi-monthly basis. The magazine focuses on various issues like education, health, nutrition, and leisure for the kids. It also helps the parents explore several other parenting aspects. Nowadays, parenting has changed a lot, and the parents are trying to catch up with that. The EuroKids parents can get a copy of this magazine, and the non-EuroKids parents can also subscribe for the same. The magazine is informative and helps in making the kids and parents bond together. 

Parenting: Guide to positive discipline: 

Parenting magazine features everything about focused advice, quick information, upbeat writing, and up-to-date research on parenting. The magazine helps in giving insights about everything related to raising a child with love. There are various topics which can help the new-age parent in understanding discipline, raising responsible children, mistakes and other things. 

Autism magazine for parenting: 

Autism Parenting Magazine works on giving amazing information to the parents of children with Autism. The magazine provides all the expert advice about how to deal with their breakdowns, sensory issues, therapies, and other things. There are various real-life stories that can also help the parents in learning more about upbringing. 

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